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Matics version 3.0 boasts an inviting new look & feel. It's been restyled with new colors, fonts and icons in addition to functional improvements:
In forms with more than 3 tabs, the tabs were moved from the top of the form, to a tidy list on the side that makes it easy to navigate within the form’s sections. The redesigned tables are much easier to work with. Scope the data the table will present before the table even loads. Any filtering you apply can be saved as filter sets for future reuse. Apropos reuse, after you filter and restructure a table, you can share this customized table with others.

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Add process control dashboards to display control charts with the current overview of processes.

Use these dashboards to compare and monitor the relationship between certain processes per selected parameters, and for early detection of bad outcomes.

Dashboards you add will be available to others, and dashboards added by others will be available to you. This generates a creative commons of process control visualizations.

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Apply statistical analyses to process-control data for advance notice of out-of-control processes -- processes with a pattern that should be investigated before impacting production. This tool's prediction analysis points to potential problems in your processes. Use rules to automate actions related to the predicted process' deterioration.

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New triggers

  • Harness SPC prediction rules to inform you of out-of-control processes and apply automated remedial actions.

  • Automate actions that need to be done in recurring intervals from a specific date onward.

New action

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If you want to create additional key performance indicators (KPIs) that are not standard OEE KPIs, or if you want to customize a standard KPI to fine-tune measurements, you can now create a dashboard of your site-specific, custom KPIs.

KPIs in this dashboard can be factory-level KPIs that apply to all machines, and department-level KPIs for specific departments.
The Custom KPI dashboard is shown on the Matics Manager App as well, which enables managers to see at a glance where things are standing.

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Consolidation of all insights

Initially, insights were separated to factory insights and department insights. From version 3.0 all insights are consolidated to one list which is available at both levels. This has extended the scope of factory-level analytics and enables flexible comparisons between departments.
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New insights

  • You can now view the aggregated performance for any selected system object in a table that includes system parameters, KPIs and your custom parameters. Clicking a table row in this new insight (#247) will explode the selected object's raw data in insight 195 for details of what was measured.

  • Insight #248, Inventory items - reported quantity.

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  • Block the option of ending setup if a QC test wasn't ordered and passed. Enable this by choosing the test in the new Setup must include this QC test field. This setting is available at the machine type level, machine level, product level and job level. (Job-level settings override settings of other levels.)

  • Change the classification of auto-classified setup event-data by enabling the Allow Changing Setup Event check box at the machine type level. This is useful if you forgot to end setup, and when setup event data needs to be reclassified to accurately reflect the job's events' reasons and duration.

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  • Terminate or suspend active jobs from the Gantt. Suspended jobs will move to the end of the job queue.

  • Make use of the added Duration and Mold columns when assigning unassigned jobs to machines.

  • Color-code jobs per the mold they use. This will provide you with a quick indicator of molds that are used concurrently in multiple jobs.

  • Discern easily the part of the active job that's running late with the new job color-coding scheme of diagonal stripes. The planned job duration is filled by default with a solid green shade, and if running late its tail will be filled with a diagonal stripe pattern to indicate the current delay duration.

  • Set what information will populate the tooltip when hovering over the job: the system's default Gantt tooltip setting, or per the fields you selected in Settings > Columns.

  • Alternate between Gantts of different machines in the machine-level Gantt page through the new select machine drop-down.

  • Also in the machine-level Gantt page, you can now see a color-coded breakdown of a job's various phases.

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Machine classifications

Stamp machines with a type indicator to make it easy to see the machine’s main characteristic: is it a manual workstation? Is it part of a production line? Is it a peripheral system or a specific sensor? When applied, machine classifications are visible in online dashboards on all apps. You can also filter the online display per selected classifications.
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Data sync

Integrate production data from your site’s local tools or 3rd party ERP / MRP systems with Matics using the new Data Sync tool. This file synchronization interface makes it easy to map the imported data tables’ fields and quickly load current data files.

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Recipe form, batch management & traceability

Manage batches easily and quickly through the redesigned recipe page. Enter in real-time batch information for each channel and if needed, adjust its channel percentage. Applying batch input splits the job (if that setting is enabled), so the current job reflects those materials that are now in use and the system traces the consumption path.
Show or hide the reference recipe as needed.

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In the tablet, if there's a connected measuring device you can automatically enter the batch weight, which will validate batch consumption: quantity in batch compared to weight in recipe channel.

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Task-level objects

Create tasks that involve specific molds or auxiliaries - Mold and Auxiliary were added to the Task Level list.
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Add suppliers

Add a new supplier to the system or search for the details of existing suppliers using the new Suppliers form (Resources > Suppliers).
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