Version 2.7 adds lots of new functionality: rules based on deviations in machine parameters, a robust task-management module, worker cost-management, batch management, material verification & traceability are this version's main highlights, which are shown in the short clip at the end of these release notes.


Parameter deviation

  • Be prepared for unexpected events and automate workflow processes when a machine's parameter deviates from its set upper and lower limits.

  • Filter the Rules management page to present only parameter deviation rules using the new parameter deviation filter.

Editing improvements

  • Make use of the new control for changing triggers/actions to edit rules with ease. Also, selecting users/groups is now quick and efficient with the added search box.

[Web app]


We have added the Task Management module to make it easier to control your workflow processes. Tasks can be assigned and managed from anywhere at any time.

  • Group tasks by Subject, Priority, Assignee in addition to task Status (To Do, Unassigned, In Progress, Done, Canceled), and easily change the task's properties by dragging & dropping the task to the relevant column of the current grouping arrangement.

  • Add sub-subjects to your Tasks Subjects list for optimal task categorization.

  • Fine-tune applied filtering/filter sets by removing individual filters.

  • Search for specific tasks using task IDs.

[Web app, Mgr. app, Op app]


Add worker category types relevant to your site and their respective costs. You can then track how many workers each job requires and compare performance to cost efficiency.

[Web app, Mgr. app, Op app]


Batch Management & Inventory Traceability

  • Manage batches easily and quickly from the tablet, through the redesigned product recipe page. Enter in real-time batch information for each channel and if needed, adjust its channel percentage. Applying batch input splits the job (if that setting is enabled), so the current job reflects those materials that are now in use and the system traces the consumption path. All this requires enabling the respective system settings. [Op app]

  • You can also manage batches in the Web app's recipe pages. [Web app]

  • Track batch consumption through the new inventory-consumption reports in the Web app. [Web app]

Material Verification

Verify that you have all the materials needed for the job you’re about to activate. If this setting is enabled, when you activate a job a Materials Verification dialog that lists all the materials specified in the job’s recipe will be presented, and each catalog ID you enter in the dialog box (either manually or by scanning) will check off its corresponding item.

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There’s a new users’ permission for approving operations or actions a currently signed-in user cannot perform (in Users Management the System Operations Approver check box). These "super’" users enter their password to approve such an operation. In this version they can approve the activation of jobs without verifying the recipe’s materials, in the future these users will have additional overriding functionality that’s not necessarily related to materials.

[Web app]


Enforce summarizing the service call by clearing the new machine-level check box
Allow close service call without Info. When this check box is not selected, technicians using Matics mobile apps (Manager app, Operator app) will be required to enter free text in order to close the service call.

[Web app, Mgr. app, Op app]


  • Spot quickly if a current job is running late through the Gantt's new theoretical duration indicator (stripes).

  • Add job progress info to the table on the left that accompanies the Gantt chart, this will indicate the current job's production performance % value and corresponding performance color-coding. The tooltip provides even more details.

  • You can also add to that table on the left the name of the department and the theoretical units that are expected to be produced per the job's standard.

  • Switch the column order and adjust the table size per your convenience in the Unassigned Jobs pop-up table.

  • Check when the Gantt data was last refreshed with the added timestamp.

[Web app]


  • Try out your tests before releasing them -- keep your test in Draft state until it's ready to be released. Released tests cannot be modified for regulatory reasons, the draft state was introduced to provide flexibility in the test creation phase.

  • Save partially completed test forms for filling in the rest of the parameters later. You won't lose the work done up to that point, which is particularly useful when configuring long tests. (The test cannot run until all required values are filled in.)

  • Save time by running a different test for the same machine after running a test using the new Order a different test control.

  • Note the following label changes in the main QC menu:

    • The Tests Results label was changed to SPC Report

    • The Tests Report label was changed to QC Report

[Web app]


  • Exclude peripheral systems/non-production objects from efficiency calculations by clearing the new machine-level Included in Efficiencies Calculation check box. [Web app, Mgr. app, Op app]

  • Set the number of days until the product expires in the product's new Expiration Days field. The system will calculate the expiry date upon job activation and this parameter can be presented in Online dashboards and other places. Also, it's useful for verifying that the date stamped on the product is the correct date. [Web app, Op app]

  • Insights: you can now view the number of jobs-per-shift in KPI and Performance insights (#237 KPI analysis & #239 Production quantities analysis). This is a useful indication of worker PE. [Web app]

  • Swipe left and enjoy the redesigned and restructured recipe page that also includes more settings in its Materials tab. [Op app]

  • Magnify previews of the job's product image for more details if needed. [Mgr. app]

  • When reporting the stop reason for a stop event, there's a new search box for presenting that reason quickly. [Op app]

  • Language support for Czech. [Web app, Mgr. app, Op app]


Subtitles (closed captioning) available in English, Hebrew and Spanish.


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To view the release notes in Hebrew, select 'עברית' in the language selector.

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