This version enhances the automation options using rules, and provides the option to analyze material consumption in the Shift dashboard. It also includes bug fixes.

RtOI Rules Improvements

  • Assign multiple stop event reasons to a single rule.

  • Add conditions to rules to trigger the rule only when conditions are fulfilled. This enables fine tuning the rule to a higher degree.

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The Shift dashboard's Machine Performance -Table View component now includes

material consumption parameters:

  • Material Kg/Meter

  • Material Kg/Meter Standard

  • Material Kg/Meter %

  • Used Material

  • Used Material Standard

  • Used Material %

These parameters are useful both for comparing between machines and for tracking current consumption status.

Use the new search field in this component to quickly find and select parameters.

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Previous release notes

Version 2.61 release notes

Version 2.60 release notes

Version 2.51 release notes

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