Which machines are lowering your production? What's the reason — availability? efficiency? These are common questions you’ll get answers to through this dashboard component.

Use this component to view the aggregated performance of machines (good units produced) compared with their theoretical target (multiplication of the standard production rate with the production efficiency target). The component is also useful for analyzing the causes of decreased performance, to support immediate insights and actions.

Tip: The performance indicators' colors of this component can be customized.

There's a comprehensive list of parameters to choose from when creating the desired view. For example you can choose the number of setups and their durations; the number of reported stops or their duration compared to the total count / duration of stops; rejects, and more.

These indicators are aggregated information for the entire shift. To view those JoShs (shift-specific jobs) to which these indicators apply, for example how many units were specified in the job, click the expand icon (+). This will present the JoSh records listed in the order they were worked on, which is useful information when analyzing machine performance.

You can click the machine's name to reach that machine's page and click the job to reach that job's page.

In the settings you determine whether the display aggregates data per worker, or per machine. Also in the settings you determine which of the performance-related parameters to display (or hide) in the table.

Animated graphic showing the various levels of information in this component

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