Why do so?

Changing the value of cycle units is required when a mold, or a machine with multiple outputs, is not actually producing the number of units set as the standard for the job. This can be an intentional adjustment, but it can also be due to fault with a machine or mold.

Reporting a change in the actual cycle units should be done with care as it changes production quantities.

To change units in cycle:

Note: Changing units in cycle applies only to jobs with more than a single unit per cycle, which was set either in the mold's definitions or the product's recipe.

  1. Tap the Job Actions menu.

  2. Tap Change Units In Cycle.

  3. In the Change Units in Cycle dialog that's displayed:

    1. Decrease ( - ) or increase ( + ) the number of units to reach the actual number. The maximum value is the set cycle units standard.

    2. Tap REPORT. A confirmation message appears briefly at the top and the dialog closes.

Walkthrough of how to change units in cycle


Error message: "You reached the maximum amount of units in cycle allowed"

Make sure you have entered the correct value. This error is triggered when the value entered exceeds the maximum value set for the machine.

Administration info

  1. If Automatically Split Job On Units In Cycle Change is enabled for the machine, reporting a change in the value of cycle units will automatically split the current job (internally, to a new Matics job with the adjusted value). This improves measurement accuracy and derived performance calculations.

  2. If Units in Cycle Limit is set for the machine, the maximum units per cycle will be limited to that value for jobs that are not based on molds. (This helps prevent input errors when people change the units in cycle value.)

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