The starting point of gathering custom-parameter data is to tag a job with the applicable custom parameter(s). Machine operators will see these parameters values in the machine dashboard and job list if thus configured.

For monitoring and analysis purposes, custom parameters are added to the lists of parameters.

Tagging the job with custom parameters

All the system's custom parameters are shown in the job's Custom parameters tab.

Tag the job with custom parameters applicable to it by setting the values for those parameters.

example of tagging a job with custom parameters

Note: Custom parameter values can be set at any point of the job cycle. The latest value applied, either manually or via data sync, is the value in use.

Inserting custom parameters in machine Online tiles

To display the value of the custom parameter in machine tiles:

  1. Click the machine tile's edit icon.

  2. Click the edit icon within the cell.

  3. Select the from the list of parameters the custom parameter.

  4. Apply changes.

Example of a custom parameter within the list of parameters

Using custom parameters for analytics

List-type custom parameters are available in these insights:

  • Performance insight #33: Units produced - by machine/mold/product

  • Performance insight #239: Production quantities analysis

  • KPIs insight #237: KPI analysis

Operator app

Custom parameters can be added to the Main dashboard and pending jobs screen using the Web app's configuration options at:

Settings > Tablet Screens Customization > Main dashboard


Settings > Tablet Screens Customization > Pending jobs screen

In this example, the custom parameter is called 'Region':

Operator app users will then see the custom parameters and their set values:

  • In the machine dashboard widget area

    Example of machine dashboard with the custom parameter 'Region' and the value set for the current job

  • In the pending jobs list

    Example of pending jobs list, where 'Region' is the custom parameter

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