Machine tiles are based on either a default structure or a structure you can personalize called 'My Structure'.

If you're an admin, you can configure the visual appearance of any structure. These structures are tagged with the role name.

If you're not an admin, you can configure the look of machine tiles based on 'My Structure' only, since the 'Default Structure' is locked for editing.

Which machine tiles can be modified?

  • All Machines > Online dashboard machine tiles

  • Department view > Online dashboard machine tiles that are in 'Cubes view'.

How to do so?

  1. Go to to the Online view of interest:

    • Production Floor > All Machines > Online or

    • Production Floor > Department view [selected department] > Online.

  2. Changing the visual aspects of tiles is applicable to 'Cubes view' only, so if you're in the Online dashboard of a department, make sure you're in 'Cubes view'.

    Cubes view icon in Department view
  3. Select to which user entity the changes you're about to make will apply:

    • 'My Structure' applies the changes to the current signed-in user.

    • If you have permissions, you can choose a user group from the list.

  4. Click Settings.

    Settings icon
    1. In the Settings section, toggle on or off the following:

      1. Department view - adds connecting lines to indicate machines that belong to the same department. (Applicable to the All Machines > Online dashboard.)

      2. Without Title - removes the label of the standards / parameters used in the tile's cells.

      3. Full Color Mode - fills all tile cells with the color the machine status.

      4. Vertical - presents tiles in vertical alignment instead of horizontal.

    2. In the Text Customization section choose:

      1. Whether to use the default text size, or to use a font size you've entered.

      2. If Standard - 2 lines is active or not. If active, the parameter data are split to two rows: the first will show the measured data and the second the target.

    3. In the Color Mode section select which background color will be used for the non-heading cells.
      Note: This setting is applied only when Full Color Mode is inactive.

    4. In the Machine Display section choose the layout for the tile's body cells.

    5. In the Scale section select the magnification scale, which determines the tile size.

  5. Changes you make are automatically applied to the selected user entity (from step 2).

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