Shift & Insights pages make use of three types of dashboard templates:

  • System templates

  • Factory (your site) templates

  • Personal (individual user) templates

Matics provides default system-wide dashboard templates for the Shift page and the Insights page. These default system templates are designed to provide a number of common focuses, ready to use out-of-the-box.

But these templates, or some of them, may not be useful in the context of your site and you may want to disable and hide them.

When you have default template administrative permissions, you have full control of which will be the default templates. Instead of the default system templates, or in addition to them, you can create custom default dashboard templates that fulfill perfectly your site's requirements, and create custom default templates (factory templates) that fulfill requirements of specific user-groups in your site. These custom default templates will make use of parameters and target definitions relevant to your production context. You can then establish these templates as the default dashboard templates for all users, or select target user groups for the template, as well as create default templates for specific user groups.

These custom default templates are blue, same as the system templates, while personal templates are purple, which makes it easy to distinguish between dashboard template types.

The different template types. Note that a selected template is a darker shade.

Note: Enabling a system default template enables it for all system users.

Managing default dashboard templates requires specific permissions as described next. Users without these permissions see only:

  • Enabled system dashboard templates (with no enable/disable control)

  • Custom default dashboard templates that were created and enabled for their user group (with no Save or Delete controls)

  • Their personal, custom templates (with Share, Save, Delete controls)


  1. Go to Setup > Site Configuration > index 4 (Step - Define Users & Groups).

  2. Select the applicable user group by clicking its index number.

  3. In the group's Role form > General tab select the Default dashboard templates admin (Insights, Shift) check box.

  4. Click Save Changes.

Creating custom default dashboard templates

  1. Go to Production Floor > Department view and select any department from the drop-down list.

  2. Click the Shift tab or Insights tab -- depending on where you're adding the default template to.

  3. Click Create New Template.

  4. Click Select Your Component / Select Your Insights.

  5. Select and arrange the components/insights you want to include in this dashboard template and close the widget.

  6. For each component/insight change parameters and enable or disable certain settings as required, if required.

  7. Click Save This Template As.

  8. In the New Dashboard Template dialog:

    1. Select Default Template.

    2. Click the Select box to choose the user group(s) this template will be available for.

    3. Enter a name for the template that reflects its purpose.

    4. Click Save.

  9. The custom default template is added.
    If you selected multiple user groups in step 7b, there will be a custom default template for each group.

Editing a default dashboard template

  1. Click to select the custom default dashboard template you need to modify.

  2. Make changes, such as add or remove components/insights, change parameters and enable or disable certain settings.

  3. Click the ellipses (...) control and choose Save.
    A confirmation message is displayed briefly to confirm your changes were saved.

  4. All users using this default template will now be using the updated version.

Tip: Matics out-of-the-box system templates cannot be modified, but can serve as the basis for a custom default dashboard template by making changes to the Matics system template and clicking Save This Template As.

Deleting default dashboard templates

  • Custom default dashboard templates can be deleted by clicking the ellipsis (...) and choosing Delete.

  • The default system dashboard templates Matics provides cannot be deleted, but can be disabled, and when they are disabled are visible only to users with default dashboard template administrative permissions.

  • Disabled and deleted default templates are removed immediately from users' dashboards.

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