Use this component to lay out the machine's statuses throughout the shift production timeline for tracking its behavior. If the machine stops multiple times, you can see whether these stops are short or long, and check whether these stops are due to malfunctions, or reflect intended stops that are part of the machine's proper behavior. You can report the stop event reasons directly from the timeline.

Note: This component's availability timeline is embedded within machine tiles in the department view Online dashboard and within each machine page to provide easy tracking of machine behavior and to facilitate reporting stop events.

Additionally, the computed percentage of down time and reported stop events for the current duration provides you with a numeric availability indicator.

Hovering over a specific machine's timeline presents the machine's status for each point in time, while hovering in-between the component's graphs presents you with a vertical bar for comparing machines' availability at any point of time.

[Show All] Click to compare actual availability with planned availability. It will also present the name of the produced product and its respective JoSh identifier.

Clicking the machine's name will open that machine's page and let you view detailed information about the machine for in-depth analysis.

To report stop reasons:

  1. Click the stop event on the timeline.

  2. In the Event dialog fill in the fields.

  3. Save changes.

For example:

Reporting a stop event from the availability timeline

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