Use the Top stop event reasons / Top stop event groups component to see and focus on the main reasons for production stops during a shift. This can be helpful for applying efficient, timely remedial action.

The infographic shows the top stop event reasons / stop event groups by either:

  • Aggregated duration of the stop events (or of the stop events comprising each stop event group) that occurred during the current set shift, or

  • Aggregated count of stop events (or stop events of each stop event group) that occurred during the current set shift.

You can view this information as a bar chart*, or as a table in which you get the breakdown for each machine as well as the totals. Table view provides more settings to customize and filter the display.

*Unreported stop data are summarized beneath the bar chart.

Use the Top field in the settings menu to scope how many top event reasons / event groups should be presented in the bar chart (the default is 5). You can further narrow the focus by choosing specific event reasons / event groups.

Walkthrough of main options available in the Top stop event reasons or group component

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