Open a service call from a stop event

Why do so?

Opening service calls directly from stop events binds the context of the service call together--the stop event reason, time, duration etc.

How to do it?

  1. In the selected machine's page, expand the event list.

  2. If the stop reason wasn't yet reported, report it.

  3. Tap New Call. In the New Call dialog you'll see that the event reason is indicated.

  4. Select the service technician from the list, describe the problem in the free-text box and tap Send.

example walkthrough of entering the stop event reason and then opening a service call

* For production lines tap View Log to conveniently open a service call for a specific machine in the production line:

walkthrough for reporting a stop event reason and opening a new service call from the log

What else will you find in this article?

Best practice is to open a service call from a stop event as described above, but you can also open a service call that's not bound to a stop event. How to do so is explained in the following section.

How to track the status of a service call is also explained in this article. You'll find that you can also change the status of a service call in the Service Calls log.

Finally, there are a few administrative aspects to service calls that you might find to be useful.

Opening a service call that's not bound to a stop event

  1. Tap the technician icon.

  2. On the right of the Service Calls page, select a technician from the list of technicians.

  3. In the text box describe in detail the problem the technician needs to solve.

  4. Tap Send.

  5. The technician will receive this call and you'll be able to track the call's status in the Service Calls log on the left.

Walkthrough example of opening a service call that's not associated with a stop event

The Service Calls log

Track and manage service calls from the service call log. To open it, tap the Technician icon.

Technician icon

The log is divided to two tabs:

  • Open calls - lists all the machine's service calls that have not been closed.

  • Last 24hrs - lists service calls which were active in the last 24 hours, that is, were updated one way or another.

Service call status legend

All service calls are listed with a status indicator and status label, to indicate the call's current status.

Call was sent and is waiting for a reply. This status is applied after opening the service call.

Call was accepted. This status is applied after the service technician accepted the call.

Call was rejected. This status is applied after the service technician declined the call.

Service in progress. This status is applied when the technician starts service (has tapped Start service).

Service complete. This status is applied after the technician reports that service was completed (has tapped Report and finish).

Call canceled. This status is applied after an opened service call is cancelled before the technician accepted the call/started service.

Managing calls through the service calls log

Note: We recommend using the Matics Manager app to manage service calls.

Service technicians can manage service calls through the Matics Manager app.

Yet certain sites prefer not working with the Manager app and request the technician to use the Operator app on the tablet assigned to the machine to start service and report its conclusion.

To do so:

  1. In the Open Calls tab, tap Start service.

  2. When you have completed servicing the machine, tap Report and finish.

  3. In the Service report dialog, enter the details of the service treatment. If relevant, attach supporting image files by tapping the + button. When you have completed the report tap Done.
    Note: The Manager app and Web app support uploading other file types, such as PDFs to a service call's report. So if you want to attach non-image files, use those apps.

Administration info

  • There's an optional system setting for auto-classifying stop events. If active, the stop reason reported when opening a service call is automatically assigned to all following stop events--up to the completion of the service call.

  • If there's a rule in place, reporting a stop event reason may automatically open a call to a service technician.

  • There's a machine-level setting (Allow close service call without Info check box) that determines whether a service call can be closed without entering information to report what was done. To enforce submitting a report when closing the service call, clear that check box.

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