Why do so?

Split events retroactively for accurate fine-tuning of logged stop events' reported reasons.

For example, you left for a planned break, but when you returned the machine wouldn't start up because of a broken part. So after the planned break the machine was inactive due to pending maintenance.

If you don't split the planned break event to report how much time the machine was stalled for each reason, valuable information is lost.

Tip: Since the idea of splitting a stop event is to report a different reason for each part of the original event, you might want to first split the event and then report the stop reasons for each part of it.

To split an event:

  1. Go to the machine/production line dashboard.

  2. In the events panel, tap the split icon of the stop event you need to split.

    Split event icon
  3. Set the start time of the split event.
    Make sure it's within the time range of the stop event: that it's not before the start time of event, or after its end time.

  4. Tap SPLIT to confirm the Split Event prompt.

  5. A message confirming that the event was split successfully will appear briefly at the top. After that in the events panel you'll see the split event.
    (The end time of a split event is the end time of the originating event.)

  6. Select the split event and report the stop reason.

Example walkthrough for splitting a stop event

Note: If you're splitting an event that has not ended yet (no end time), the start time of the split event is the time you tap SPLIT. The originating event's end-time will be that time too:

Example of before and after split


Error message: "Setup event can not be split"

If the machine was not configured to allow performing actions on setup events, you will get this message. These permissions need to be enabled in order to split setup events.

The time widget reappears after setting the time (start time is not applied)

The widget for setting the time will be presented again if the time range set for the split event does not fit within the time range of the originating event.

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