Why use it?

The Time Left Current Job widget is a multi-state, dynamic widget that's a great option for activating jobs since it supports the entire activation flow: from activating a new job, via ending setup, to timely preparation for the next job. The name of the widget is based on its main feature of the countdown. This countdown is based on current production performance that's a useful estimate for when to get ready for the next job, especially as once the job is running you can tap Pending jobs to see which job is next and take a look at its recipe.

The states the widget alternates between are described in the following sections.

Time Left Current Job - Activate

In this state, there's no running job, or no time left for current job, and the display is zero minutes with an Activate job button.

Setup mode - End Setup

The widget transitions to this state, Setup mode, after a job is activated. Tap End Setup to end the job's setup phase.

Time Left Current Job - Pending jobs

After setup is completed, the widget transitions to its base state in which it presents a countdown timer that shows the time left for the current job, based on the current production rate.

Tap Pending jobs to:

  • To look at the recipe of the next job you'll be running in order to get prepared,


  • To select and activate a different job.

Note: When a machine is in 'No Production' status, widgets are not available. In this case use the Actions Menu to activate a job.

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